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November 14, 2011
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CONCEPT: "MOBIUS" - REAL Character Profiles - The Main Crew


Name: Knuckles

Nicknames: Knucklehead (Sonic usually calls him this when Knuckles goofs up)
(Knuckles is commonly given the nicknames "Knux," "Rad Red," "Fists of Fury," and "Knuckie." These nicknames are not canonical to the game storyline. The first three are derived from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the fourth was a pet name given to him by Rouge in the English dub of Sonic X. In the games, he has no other known nicknames.)

Race: Echidna
(If you choose to get technical, Knuckles is more than likely a Short-nosed Echidna.)

Gender: Male

Age: 16 years of age

Date of Birth: Unknown
(Knuckles' DOB is generally confirmed as February 2nd, since that was the release of his first video game. However, it is not canon to the video game storyline, as his true DOB is unknown. If you find it necessary to add his DOB nonetheless, February 2nd would be the most ideal choice.)

Birthplace: Angel Island

Height: 110 centimeters (3 feet, and 6 inches)

Weight: 40 kilograms (88 pounds)

Ability Type: Power

Alignment: Hero

Physical Techniques:

(1). Spin Attack
Description: While in locomotion, Knuckles can curl down and take on a fetal position, rolling along the ground as a ball at a very high speed and rate of torque, meant primarily for breaking through barriers, or destroying enemies.
In-game debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, 1994

Last known use: Sonic Dash, Mobile, 2013

(2). Spin Jump
Description: Also referred to as the "spinball jump," Knuckles is able to leap into the air and curl into a spinning, tightly compacted ball of destruction which can destroy enemies and break barriers.
In-game debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, 1994

Last known use: Sonic Rivals 2, Sony PlayStation Portable, 2007

(3). Spin Dash
Description: Originally named the "Super Spin Dash," Knuckles is able to curl down and begin revving up, taking on a diagonally pivoted, ovular shape. Once unleashed, Knuckles blasts forward in an acceleration roll of high speeds with limited airborne capability, meant to break barriers or mow down enemies.
In-game debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, 1994

Last known use: Sonic Rivals 2, Sony PlayStation Portable, 2007

(4). Maximum Heat Attack

Description: After gathering enough energy, Knuckles performs a quick and powerful homing glide, ramming his fists into all enemies in sight, similar to Sonic’s Light Speed Attack. Unlike Sonic’s technique, however, this attack has much higher accuracy.

Appearance: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999
Last known use: Sonic Shuffle, Sega Dreamcast, 2000

(5). Drill Claw
Description: When airborne, Knuckles can hurl himself towards the ground, spinning his body fists first at a nearly impossible speed to form a drill. It can penetrate right through foes, or drill him right into the ground for digging, always making the impact with his fists.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(6). Spiral Upper
Description: The Spiral Upper is a lot like the Drill Claw, except it is done in an upward direction. Knuckles must quickly run in a circle to set up the maneuver and is then able to leap up and spin his body to form an upwards drill, fists-first. The attack gets very impressive altitudes: it is able to send Knuckles about 15 feet into the air.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(7). Hammer Punch
Description: A particularly powerful punch that Knuckles usually sends towards the ground with enough force to trigger a large tremor throughout a radius of about a hundred yards. It trips up ground opponents and knocks them off walls if they're climbing. It had no effect on airborne foes initially, but it seems that Knuckles has advanced his training far enough to avoid this handicap.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

Last known use: Sonic Rivals, Sony PlayStation Portable, 2006

(8). Thunder Arrow
Description: When enough rings are gathered, Knuckles is able to conjure up a quick bolt of lightning at will, shocking his opponent into submission.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(9). Fire Combination
Description: Knuckles whips out some of his best moves in succession. He starts with a Straight Dash, followed by a fiery Spinback Knuckle and, with enough power, a Volcanic Dunk to finish.
Appearance: Sonic Heroes, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2004

(10). Fire Dunk
Description: When they're in spinball form, Knuckles grabs his teammates and slams them to the ground like great balls of fire (...sorry).
Appearance: Sonic Heroes, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2004

(11). Triangle Dive
Description: When power formation is active, and a strong upward current of wind is being made, Knuckles can grab his teammates' hands to glide, gaining a great deal of altitude.
Appearance: Sonic Heroes, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2004

(12). Screwdriver
Description: Knuckles launches a spinning forward punch toward his foes.
Only used in: Sonic the Hedgehog (aka Sonic Next), Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, 2006

(13). Knuckle Slam
Description: This attack is executed in a manner similar to the Hammer Punch. The difference is the destruction that follows. A fiery aura surrounds Knuckles for a brief period, causing major damage to everything in the area.
Appearance: Sonic Rivals 2, Sony PlayStation Portable, 2007

(14). Uppercut
Description: Exactly what it says on the tin. Knuckles uppercuts his foe, causing damage and piercing armor.
Only used in: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Nintendo DS, 2008

(15). Quake Punch
Description: Knuckles jumps and punches the ground, causing a small earthquake that damages and stuns his enemies.
Only used in: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Nintendo DS, 2008

(16). Gail Meteor
Description: Sir Gawain, with a full Soul Gauge, was able to throw his blades at multiple enemies, ground and airborne. When there are no enemies to vanquish, he dashed forward at great speeds until the gauge was empty.
Only used in: Sonic and the Black Knight, Nintendo Wii, 2009

Abilities and Aptitude:

(1). Where Sonic has speed, Knuckles has power and is much more of a utility character when it comes to his physical abilities. Knuckles' impossibly high strength enables him to perform amazing feats such as punching holes right through thick steel, lift objects many times his own size, shatter boulders to smithereens, and possess near-maximized endurance; capable of taking as much major punishment as he can dish out.

(2). Very experienced swimmer.

(3). By stretching his arms and legs outwards while airborne, Knuckles can catch the wind under his dreadlock-like spines and glide across the air.

(4). Knuckles can climb pretty much any wall, no matter what material.

(5). Excellent at digging and tunneling through subterranean regions.

(6). Can be pretty fast when he has to be.

Transformations/Alternate forms:

- Has the ability to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds and transform into
Super Knuckles, where Knuckles' fur turns to a bright pink and he is many times as fast and powerful. Super Knuckles is reliant on rings to sustain this form and, in some cases, even activate it. Maintaining this form even with rings consumes extreme amounts of energy and Knuckles can only sustain it for relatively short periods of time.

(Hyper Knuckles is the name his Super form is given in the Archie comics, in a rather lame attempt to differentiate him from Super Sonic. The Hyper form in the games, while interesting, isn’t canon which is a damn shame.)

Hobbies and Talents:

(1). Highly adept in many, many forms of martial arts, making him the ideal melee combatant.

(2). Seems to be the only one who knows how to access and utilize the powers of the Master Emerald. He also has in-depth knowledge of the Chaos Emeralds and what they can do.

(3). Skilled treasure hunter; can track down almost any jewel or artifact, particularly Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald shards since he can sense their energy signals.

(4). Extreme Gear is probably the only hi-tech device Knuckles can use with skill.


(1). As a result of his seclusion and his honest and one-track mind, Knuckles is unbelievably gullible. He will take pretty much any kind of bait if you can talk it into him well enough (which isn't difficult). This has gotten him into trouble with Sonic on numerous occasions since Dr. Robotnik always takes advantage of this horrible flaw.

(2). It seems that the irritable red one is shy around women, something Rouge can't help but exploit.

(3). Knux' isn't too caught up with the times since he is very oblivious to the technologies and luxuries of the modern world. He displays outright confusion and even irritance when Tails begins chatting technobabble.

Physical Appearance:

- Coarse and close-lying red fur
- Enormous red-furred hands. Presumably, they each have two claw-like spurs growing out of two of the knuckles on each hand, but this has yet to be confirmed
- Long-snouted, peach muzzle with slightly prominent cheeks
- Fierce looking eyes with violet irises, black pupils and glassy white sclera
- Red eyelids with a thickish black "lash" that extends the length of the bottom of the top eyelid
- 7 quite long dreadlock-like quills hanging from around his head, the shortest at the back of his head. Being an echidna, it's possible that these dreadlocks are made up of thousands of smaller spines, but this has yet to be fully looked into.
- Buff chest with a white, crescent-shaped marking going across. This distinctive marking (Ancient Echidna warriors have remarkably similar markings on their bodies) may be a tattoo, a fur marking or just a birthmark of sorts, but we'll perhaps never know this for certain
- Pointed, shiny black nose with no apparent nostrils
- Long tail that is bent angularly in two places
- Red furred feet with no distinct visible toes


- Wears a pair of large, white boxing gloves with two spikes coming out of where the pinky and index finger knuckles would be (presumably his claws), backed by a cylindrical cuff
- A pair of red and yellow shoes with metal soles and integrated metal, sextuple-bolted plates on top. The soles have an embedded circle at the heel
- Cylindrical green collars on top of the shoes that seem to take the role of socks. They may be a part of the shoe but we may never know this for certain

Extreme Gear:

- A pair of black goggles with purple lenses around his neck across his chest
- A ring beneath the cuff of each of his gloves, made of an unknown black metal
- A pair of boots with a similar style to his regular shoes


Sinbad the Sailor:

- A white Arabian I'gal
- A Dishdasha vest with a purple belt
- Wears a pair of large, white boxing gloves with two spikes coming out of where the pinky and index finger knuckles would be (presumably his claws)
- Wears gray, metal ringlets on his wrists.
- A pair of red shoes with metal soles and yellow cloth fastened on top

Sir Gawain of the Sun:

- A suit of maroon armor (sans leggings) with a white crescent-shaped mark on the breastplate.
- A pair of red metal shoes with integrated metal, sextuple-bolted plates on top.
- A pair of metal gauntlets with two spikes coming out of where the pinky and index finger knuckles would be (presumably his claws)

Items & Weapons:

(1). Shovel Claw
Description: Like the name suggests, they're shovel-like claws made of an unknown grey metal that attach over the tops of Knuckles' fists and make digging, especially through rough terrain, easier.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999

Last known use: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(2). Fighting Gloves
Description: Yellow gloves with a green cuff. These let Knuckles perform the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999

(3). Air Necklace
Description: A metal necklace encompassing a miniature oxygen tank that allowed Knuckles to breathe underwater without searching for those troublesome bubbles.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(4). Hammer Gloves
Description: More like metal accessories than actual gloves, these red, yellow and green attachments let Knuckles bust open steel containers. He doesn't need 'em anymore.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(5). Sunglasses
Description: Not to be confused with the ones listed below, these silver-framed glasses with light blue lenses let Knuckles see things that can't be seen otherwise.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001

(6). Sometimes dons a pair of normal silver sunglasses with violet lenses.

(7). Galatin
Description: A pair of large swords with curved ends, similar to axes. Sir Gawain wielded these to compliment his dual-fisted battle style.
Only used in: Sonic and the Black Knight, Nintendo Wii, 2009


(1). The Tempest
Description: A yellow 4-wheel drive, Jeep-like automobile Knuckles once used in the Chaos Grand Prix. This vehicle is a good all-rounder performance-wise, a master of none as they say.
Appearance: Sonic Drift 2, Sega Game Gear, 1995

(2). Red Rock
Description: A red and green Extreme Gear air board that Knuckles used to make it to the finals of the EX World Grand Prix. Its speed stat and cornering abilities are average yet it has a great off-road speed capability. Tails later redesigned it with a more streamlined shape that also has the effect of mirroring its owner's explosive power.
Appearance: Sonic Riders, Nintendo GameCube/Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2006

Last known use: Sonic Free Riders, Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010

Personality Details:

Like how Sonic embodies the wind, Knuckles is like the mountain: stern, and unmovable. As long as Knuckles could remember, he was just sitting there protecting the Master Emerald at the shrine on Angel Island. This sworn duty, which he has made a well-defended allegiance to, has caused Knuckles to grow into a rather antisocial, reclusive individual; he is a loner by nature. He is very uncaring, coldly honest, egotistical, wild-tempered, and generally hard to get along with, most of the time.

It is often claimed that Knuckles is very untrusting, but this is by no means plausible since Knuckles' lack of social ingenuity has caused him to be incredibly gullible on the other side. He is commonly tricked by Eggman into thinking foolish things such as Sonic wanting to take the Master Emerald. Many times, this has caused Knuckles to join Eggman's side and battle Sonic, which Sonic considers fun. Sonic sees Knuckles' hot temper as no more than a cute little button to push and exploit for his own amusement, since the hedgehog seems to draw entertainment out of pissing Knuckles off. Sonic has a temper as well, though, and won't hesitate to turn "playtime" into a serious fight.

You can't really fault him for that, though, since deep down, Knuckles holds a steadfast belief that there's good in everyone, which is why he's given Eggman so many "second chances". At any rate, Knuckles always finds out that he's been duped in time and the consequences are a force to be reckoned indeed. That, and if the Master Emerald is at all endangered, Knuckles' temper will rise to a fever pitch and will stop at nothing to punish the perpetrator. In spite of Sonic & Knuckles' rivalry and the constant skirmishes they get themselves into, in the end, they eventually join forces, and when those two fight together, it is one of the most imposing forces one could ever have the misfortune of being put up against, and ultimately they make amends. Knuckles, however, will always envy Sonic's insouciant and laidback lifestyle — that is probably what's responsible for his subtle inhospitable nature towards the hedgehog.

Recently, Knuckles has found another rival in Rouge the Bat. Even though he is gullible, he always tries to keep his guard up when around her, refusing to fall for (nearly) anything she tries to pull. Plus, while he does a very good job of hiding it, he does have feelings for Rouge. Whether or not he'll do something about it remains to be seen, especially with Shade in the picture.

In spite of his flaws, Knuckles is a good guy and a loyal friend, once you get to know him. Just don't piss him off. EVER.

Historical Biography:

Knuckles the Echidna, is the last descendant of the ancient Knuckles clan of echidnas, born on the mysterious Angel Island. His race was devoted to protecting the Master Emerald ever since the tragedy involving the chief of said ancient echidna tribe, Pachacamac, and the Chao spirit of water, Chaos. With the Nocturnus clan imprisoned in the Twilight Cage, they had no more need to pursue their feud, freeing them to fully focus on their new purpose. Knuckles had no knowledge of this, however, nor does he even know how he came to exist or what other purpose he may have in life. But as long as he could remember, he was simply protecting that big ole' green gem behind him, shining in all of its glory, yet is shrouded in mystery, just like its rad red guardian.

Knuckles' life consists of no more than simply sitting on the top-most step of the ancient staircase that leads to the altar of the Master Emerald shrine, and guarding it from all who dare exploit its powers for their own greedy needs. As far as he knew, this was his purpose in life; his sworn duty. He doesn't even know why or how he was first motivated to guard it. He just does.

However, Knuckles' faith-driven life would come to a quick change once Dr. Robotnik came into the picture, which was soon after the Death Egg first crash landed onto Angel Island after the skirmish with Sonic & Tails at Westside Island. It was odd enough that someone was actually on Angel Island, but Eggman told Knuckles that a blue hedgehog and orange two-talied fox stole the Chaos Emeralds. This was far from true, but Knuckles was gullible. He believed Eggman and tried his best to intercept Sonic & Tails from getting to Eggman.

In the long run, Knuckles eventually found out that Sonic & Tails were actually trying to stop Dr. Robotnik, who was after not only the Chaos Emeralds, but also the Master Emerald. This was just one of the occasions where Knuckles was tricked into thinking something so foolish and the echidna seems to never learn that tried and true lesson: don't trust anybody but your friends!

Since then, Knuckles still pays the utmost attention to his duty of guarding the Master Emerald. The echidna never leaves his post unless there is a huge emergency at hand, which, since then, seems to have been quite frequent since he has fought alongside Sonic & company many times. But in the end, it's back to the shrine to guard that big green gem on that big green island in the skies. He is an echidna with a purpose.

Personal Information:

Family: Tikal the Echidna and Pachacamac (unconfirmed, but possible; they are from the same clan)

Greatest Friend(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose and Shade the Echidna.

Other Friend(s): Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo, Cream the Rabbit & Cheese, Shadow the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog.

Love Interest(s): Rouge the Bat (he's too stubborn to admit this, however).

Rival(s): Sonic the Hedgehog (it's a rather friendly rivalry, since they are usually on good terms), Rouge the Bat and Storm the Albatross (as far as Extreme Gear is concerned).

Foe(s): Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik , Eggman Nega and anyone else who threatens Angel Island's safety or is pissing him off at that particular moment.

Likes: Being alone and guarding the Master Emerald, practicing his fighting skills, treasure hunting, hanging out with his friends - when and if the chance arises - and any opportunity he has at putting Sonic in his place (verbally or otherwise).

Main Dislikes: Knuckles dislikes a LOT of things. Here are a few particulars: heavy sunlight (any kind of bright lights, actually), hi-tech objects or gadgets (mostly because he's uninclined), industrialized or crowded cities and places of the like (basically, unnatural areas) and being made to blush due to Rouge's flirting.

Other Dislikes: He obviously dislikes being tricked although he can't help but still be gullible, he HATES peer pressure, and of course, anybody who so much as looks at the Master Emerald in a greedy way.

Favorite Food(s): Fruit: grapes are his personal favorite.

Favorite Color(s): Unknown. Could be red or green, since that color is commonly associated with Knuckles' red color, promotionally. It sure as heck ain't blue.

Favorite Music Genre(s): New Age, Hip Hop, Rhythm & Blues, Rock

Occupation: Unemployed. Although he isn't paid or anything, his duty is to protect the Master Emerald.

Place of Residence: The Master Emerald Shrine on Angel Island.


Franchise Name: Knuckles the Echidna

Original Purpose: Rival for Sonic the Hedgehog

Current Purpose: Quite friendly rival for Sonic the Hedgehog and love interest for Rouge the Bat

Date of first promotion/presence in the industry: Knuckles' first promotion was in his debut video game, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, which was first released in the United States, February 2nd, 1994.

Years in Service: 20 and still going...

Impact on Series: He's a staple character for the series and his appearances are always appreciated by fans, but, considering his duty, the times when he doesn't show up in a game is generally understood. In fact, fans nowadays want Knuckles to stay on Angel Island more often. Critics, either way, have come to despise him, however, as they do the rest of the cast (barring Sonic and Eggman, naturally).

Original Designer: Takashi Thomas Yuda

Design Process: Knuckles actually came to life thanks to the feedback of a group of children. He was actually supposed to be green in color instead of the vivid red we know him as. Out of a hefty collection of designs, Knuckles' was chosen as the most appealing by that particular group o' kids. The upside down crescent marking on his chest was inspired by the Nike swoosh logo and some rumors also say that Knuckles was meant to be female, and was supposed to adapt a Jamaican culture and accent. The second rumor is, of course, much more likely than the first.

Possible design inspirations: No known design inspirations. Knuckles seems to be a pretty original creation, save the crescent marking on his chest. It's possible Knuckles' dreadlocks and red, yellow, and green (two of which are colors of the Jamaican flag) color scheme were indeed inspired by the rumor that his accent and cultural conduct was to be Jamaican, but is not confirmed.

Prestigious design variations: 5
+ - current design
— - original design

- 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, 1994 —
- 2, Sonic Adventure, 1998 + (pictured at the top)
- 3, Sonic Riders, 2006 (This design is exclusive only to the Riders series and is not his official design)
- 4, Sonic and the Secret Rings, 2007 (Knuckles portrays Sinbad the Sailor. As such, this design is exclusive to Secret Rings)
- 5, Sonic and the Black Knight, 2009 (Knuckles portrays Sir Gawain, Knight of the Sun. As such, this design is exclusive to Black Knight)

Known Sonic Game Voice Actors:

Sonic Adventure (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Adventure (US): Michael McGaharn
Sonic Shuffle (US): Ryan Drummond
Sonic Shuffle (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Adventure 2 (US): Scott Dreier
Sonic Adventure 2 (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Battle (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Battle (US): Scott Dreier
Sonic Heroes (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Heroes (US): Scott Dreier
Sonic Advance 3 (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Advance 3 (US): Scott Dreier
Shadow the Hedgehog (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Shadow the Hedgehog (US): Dan Green
Sonic Riders (US): Dan Green
Sonic Riders (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic Next (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic Next (US): Dan Green
Sonic Rivals (US): Dan Green
Sonic and the Secret Rings (US): Dan Green
Sonic and the Secret Rings (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Rivals 2 (US): Dan Green
Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (US): Dan Green
Sonic and the Black Knight (US): Dan Green
Sonic and the Black Knight (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Free Riders (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Free Riders (US): Travis Willingham
Sonic Colors (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic Colors (US): Travis Willingham
Sonic Generations (US): Travis Willingham
Sonic Generations: White Time and Space (JP) - Nobutoshi Kanna

Sonic: Lost World (US) - Travis Willingham
Sonic: Lost World (JP) - Nobutoshi Kanna

Sonic Boom: Travis Willingham

Other Known Game Voice Actors:

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (US): Dan Green
Mario & Sonic at the Beijing Olympics (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (US): Dan Green
Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver Olympics (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (US): Dan Green (awkwardly sampled from Sonic Next)
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (US): Travis Willingham
Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (US): Travis Willingham
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (US): Travis Willingham
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Olympics (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna

Non-video game Voice Actors:

Sonic the Hedgehog OAV (JP): Yasunori Matsumoto
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (US): Bill Wise
Sonic Underground: Ian James Cortlett
Sonic X (JP): Nobutoshi Kanna
Sonic X (US): Dan Green

Sonic Boom: Travis Willingham

Sonic Games he has been playable in:

(1). Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Genesis/Mega Drive)
       - Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC)
(2). Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis/Mega Drive)
       - Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC)
(3). Sonic Drift 2 (Game Gear)
(4). Knuckles' Chaotix (Mega 32X)
(5). Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship (Arcade)
(6). Sonic Blast/G Sonic (Game Gear)
       - Sonic Blast/G Sonic (Master System)
(7). Sonic Jam (Saturn)
       - Sonic Jam (
(8). Sonic R (Saturn)
       - Sonic R (PC)
(9). Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
       - Sonic Adventure International (Dreamcast)
(10). Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast)
(11). Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)
(12). Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Nintendo GameCube)
(13). Sonic Advance (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
(14). Sonic Mega Collection (Nintendo GameCube)
(15). Sonic Advance 2 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
(16). Sonic Adventure Deluxe: Director's Cut (Nintendo GameCube)
       - Sonic Adventure Deluxe: Director's Cut (PC)
(17). Sonic N (Nokia N-Gage)
(18). Sonic Battle (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
(19). Sonic Heroes (GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox)
       - Sonic Heroes (PC)
(20). Sonic Advance 3 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
(21). Sonic Mega Collection PLUS (PlayStation 2/Xbox)
(22). Sonic Café Series (Mobile Phone)
(23). Sonic Gems Collection (Nintendo GameCube)
(24). Sonic Riders (GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox)
(25). Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic Next (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)
(26). Sonic Rivals (Sony PlayStation Portable)
(27). Sonic and the Secret Rings (Nintendo Wii)
(28). Sonic Rivals 2 (Sony PlayStation Portable)
(29). Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story (Nintendo Wii)
       - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii/PlayStation 2)
(30). Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (Nintendo DS)
(31). Sonic and the Black Knight (Nintendo Wii)
(32). Sonic Free Riders (Microsoft Xbox 360)

(33). Sonic Jump 2012 (Mobile)
(34). Sonic the Hedgehog (iOS/Android – Non-canon unlockable)

(35). Sonic Dash (Mobile)
(36). Sonic Boom (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)

Other games he has been playable in:

(1). Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo Wii/DS)
(2). Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo Wii/DS)
(3). Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Nintendo Wii/DS/PC)
(4). Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Nintendo Wii/3DS)

(5). Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Nintendo Wii U/3DS/PC)
(6). Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)

Sonic Games he has made an appearance in:

(1). Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble/Sonic & Tails 2 (Game Gear)
(2). Sonic 3D Blast/Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Genesis/Mega Drive)
       - Sonic 3D Blast/Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Saturn)
       - Sonic 3D Blast/Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (PC)
(3). Sonic Pocket Adventure (Neo Geo Pocket Color)
(4). Sonic Pinball Party (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
(5). Shadow the Hedgehog (GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox)
(6). Sonic Rush (Nintendo DS)
(7). Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS)
(8). Sonic Generations: White Time and Space (PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)

(9). Sonic: Lost World (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)

Other games he has made an appearance in:

(1). Shenmue (Dreamcast)
(2). Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast)
(3). Shenmue II (Dreamcast)
       - Shenmue II (Microsoft Xbox)
(4). Virtua Striker 3 (Arcade/Dreamcast)
(5). Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Nintendo GameCube)
(6). Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii)
(7). Sega Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PlayStation 2/Wii/DS)

Non-video game portrayals:

(1). Sonic the Hedgehog, SOA-licensed by Archie comics (Comic series)
(2). Sonic the Comic, SOE-licensed by Egmont Fleetway (Comic series)
(3). Knuckles the Echidna, SOA-licensed by Archie comics (Comic series)
(4). Sonic the Hedgehog, made in Japan, then later dubbed for US release (Two-part Anime Movie; also known as Sonic OVA)
(5). Sonic Underground, SOA-licensed (TV Series)
(6). Sonic the Hedgehog, SOJ-licensed by Corocoro Magazine (Manga series)
(7). Sonic X, made in Japan, then later dubbed for US release (Anime TV Series)
(8). Sonic X, SOA-licensed by Archie comics, based on the previously mentioned anime (Comic series)
(9). Sonic Universe, SOA-licensed by Archie comics (Comic series)

(10). Sonic Boom, SOA-licensed by OuiDO! Productions (TV Series)

Theme Song(s):

Sonic Adventure: "Unknown from M.E." by Jazzhole's Marlon Saunders and Dredd Fox
Sonic Adventure 2: "Unknown from M.E." (Remix) by Jazzhole's Marlon Saunders and Hunnid-P
Sonic Heroes: "We Can" by Tony Harnell and Danger Danger's Ted Poley (Shared with Sonic and Tails of Team Sonic)
Sonic Riders: "High Flying Groove" by Tomonori Sawada (Shared with Sonic and Tails)

Personal character analysis/commentary (by Ryan the Game Master):

Knuckles the Echidna's stance in the series is indisputable. He's a classic character and has been around for a long time, though not always in the forefront. This is how he prefers it, however. He has a duty, after all.

I believe that what draws fans to Knux is his rough and tumble nature and tendency to punch first and consider asking questions later. He's a guy who just wants to do his job with as little trouble as possible and look as tough as he feels while doing it. There's nothing wrong with that, to be honest. What I myself like most about him is his heart. Despite his rough attitude, his heart is warm and strong. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance and, even though it bites him in the butt from time to time, he remains true to that belief, as well as others. Anyone else who'd been tricked as many times as he has would've become miserable, distrusting assholes (especially in this day and age), but that's not how Rad Red rolls. He's too nice for that, and honestly, I can relate.

Speaking of his softer side, watching him interact with Rouge is always amusing. A hermit like Knuckles naturally has virtually 0% experience with women and, of course, has no idea what to do when a babe like Rouge starts messing with him. I, for one, look forward to seeing what becomes of their relationship.

Lastly, the history of his race has always been a source of great intrigue. Seeing it fleshed out has always been eye-opening, but I feel that it should be explored more, if only to see Knuckles come to terms with what's happened and where he can go from there.

However you want to look at it, Knuckles is a great character and deserves all the fame he's earned, and possibly more.

And here's Knuckles' bio, featured on :iconconceptmobius:. I asked :icondarkfailure: to make that icon in the background.

Written by :iconultimategamemaster: and :iconvertekins:.

Art by SEGA.
Icon by :icondarkfailure:.
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Super Knuckles (nor Hyper Knuckles) were EVER pink. That was just an "optical illusion" so to say that everyone (even me) fell for. Super Tails and Super Knuckles never actually changed color like Super Sonic did. Instead, they shared the OTHER effects that Super Sonic had (pulsing white, white sparkles when at top speed, and those Super Flickes that Super Tails had). So, their depiction in Sonic Heroes is actually pretty accurate to their classic interpretations. The pulsing white effect of Super Knuckles just gave the impression that he was pink since Knux is red, but that wasn't actually the case. So yeah, even in the Genesis Era, Super Tails and Super Knuckles just glowed while Sonic's fur turned GOLD. SEGA still had this mindset that Sonic (and/or Hedgehogs that look just like Sonic) is more special even back then. 
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